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Weather and Climate Level 9-12

Making Cosmic Education Relative.

Continuing the study of weather and climate that started in lower elementary (Weather and Climate Level 6-9, ELC-5028), this curriculum brings an integrated approach to the study of climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect, and more. Diverse subject matter and actual data from NASA, and NOAA, are used for students to use their analytical skills.

Although some might disagree with the idea that climate change actually exists, the reality is that our weather patterns and climate are changing. The inhabitants of this planet do have a direct effect on the environment:

  • Carbon dioxide is up to 408 parts per million

  • Global temperature has risen by 1.8 oF since 1980

  • Arctic ice is dropping by 13.2% per decade

  • We are loosing 413 gigatonnes of ice per year, and

  • Sea levels are rising by 3.2 mm per year

This new curriculum gives students a front row seat at how our environment affects us, and how we have contributed to the changes that are currently taking place. More importantly though, it brings the concepts of Cosmic Education within grasp, helping them understand that we don't just live on this blue marble we call Earth. We are Earth!

The curriculum Includes:

  • Carbon footprint forms

  • Experiments

  • Parts of a Glacier nomenclature

  • Changes in land usage cards

  • Energy production cards

  • Environmental web cards

  • Greenhouse effect gases nomenclature

  • Types of energy sorting cards

  • Cultural changes through the years

  • Energy production task cards

  • Population explosion task cards

  • Going green task cards

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle task cards

  • Water conservation task cards

  • Changes in land usage task cards

  • Greenhouse effect control chart

  • Greenhouse effect mute chart

  • Greenhouse effect movable objects and labels

  • Teacher's Guide

Beautifully illustrated, the approach links weather, climate, functional geography (impressionistic charts level 9-12), ecology, and history into a well organized unit.

Each concept integrates STEM projects that emphasize and contextualize essential science and engineering practices.

For purchasing the curriculum and additional information please follow the link here.

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