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WDYS - Upper Elementary Chemistry Curriculum

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

For our WDYS (What Do You See) section we take a close look at a set of materials from ETC Montessori. We try to look at how it connects with other materials, and try to give you ideas of how to use things in your classroom to create a truly interconnected curriculum.

We leave words on the side of the road and let pictures do the "talking."

Upper Elementary Chemistry Curriculum

Proven content, that is all inclusive, offering nomenclature, experiments, and research.

Develop problem solving techniques, while bringing chemistry to life.

Everything you need to engage and arouse their curiosity, while meeting student's varied learning styles.

Integrate chemistry with real life, and provide the tools for students to build solid foundations.

Meet NGSS standards, and AMS recommendations.

Designed to meet the needs of 4-6 graders, the study of chemistry at this level begins with a review of the concepts studied in Lower Elementary Chemistry while exploring more advanced ideas, and diving further into the study of science.

Fully integrated so it meets STEM requirements using an approach of incorporating reading strategies, and use of basic math knowledge.

Your students will explore chemistry in the following areas:

  • States of matter

  • Acids and bases

  • Physical changes

  • Chemical changes, and

  • Lab equipment and safety procedures

Take a look at how you can implement this curriculum in your  Montessori classroom by viewing our Science Flow Chart >

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