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WDYS - Physical Science Level 9-12

For our WDYS (What Do You See) section we take a close look at a set of materials from ETC Montessori. We try to look at how it connects with other materials, and try to give you ideas of how to use things in your classroom to create a truly interconnected curriculum.

We leave words on the side of the road and let pictures do the "talking."

Physical Science Curriculum Level 9-12 (Item ELC-4053)

Get the full range of nomenclature cards for each of the following sections listed below, including experiments, and research projects. We have created a full curriculum that is not only multi-disciplinary but expertly  designed to incorporate the necessary skills needed for understanding physics. Meets NGSS and Core Standards.

Student driven, so teachers don't need to feel intimidated by the idea of having to present science concepts.


  • Dynamics (Motion, force, and gravity)

  • Magnetism

  • Light

  • Heat (Heat, and energy)

  • Sound

  • Electricity, and

  • Simple Machines

Now, take an even closer look at how this set of materials fits into your classroom. more>

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