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WDYS - Emergent Reading Curriculum

For our WDYS (What Do You See) section we take a close look at a set of materials from ETC Montessori. We try to look at how it connects with other materials, and try to give you ideas of how to use things in your classroom to create a truly interconnected curriculum.

We leave words on the side of the road and let pictures do the "talking."

Develop phonological awareness, phonemic mastery, decoding, and constructing meaning.

Student centered so it may be implemented even if the teacher is not familiar with the skills necessary for teaching reading.

Contains all the necessary elements to expose older children to the reading process, even if they missed their sensitive period.

We have perfected the art of teaching reading in the Montessori classroom, with specifically designed activities and curriculum that is now viewed as the standard.

The Emergent Reading Curriculum was specifically written for the elementary developmental level to address the needs of the non-reader coming in the elementary classroom but are not fluent in their beginning reading skills.

The well crafted sequence of activities will allow teachers to assess a child's skill level and enhance their emergent skills with materials that look similar to those activities that fluent readers are using. As a teacher you will be given the tools to truly differentiate a child's work based on their skill level.


  • Print concepts

  • Phonological awareness

  • Phonics and word recognition

  • Fluency, and

  • Reading foundation skills that meet Core Standards.

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