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Using Technology to Support Thinking Skills in the Elementary Montessori Classroom - KNOWLEDGE

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Disclaimer: This series of articles will feature tools, both on a tablet and on the web, that will allow your students to use their thinking skills in the classroom. Please be aware that we are not advocating or negating the use of technology in the Montessori classroom. We are simply offering a variety of tools that may be effectively used to assist your students with a variety of tasks. Furthermore, we believe that the technology described here is not intended for early childhood and in some cases lower elementary. Each article in this series will present tools that will support the following thinking skills.

  1. Remembering

  2. Understanding

  3. Applying

The Art of Remembering.

Although the act of remembering is often considered one of the most basic and fundamental thinking skills, the following apps have been reviewed and are recommended:

Wunderlist –

  • Help students plan their day

  • Help them get notifications on tasks that need to be completed

  • Allows them to collaborate with other fellow students (requires Wunderlist pro subscriptions)

  • Available for any and all imaginable platforms.

Popplet –

  • Helps students create nice, simple and interactive mind maps

  • Helps them learn using a visual skills

  • Capture facts, thoughts, and add images

  • Create visual relationships between ideas and facts.

  • Available for iPad only

  • Comes with Adobe Page, Adobe Post and Adobe Video

  • Allows students to create presentations that can be shared online, on any platform

  • Students can organize post-it notes right on their tablet

  • Very easy to use

  • Keeps track of ideas, and information

  • Students can share their notes with other fellow students

  • Students can use the Post-it features to collaborate on projects

  • Available as an app for the iPad

Creately –

  • Create diagrams, mind maps and flow charts

  • Provides easy to use tools

  • Allows for real time collaboration

  • Students can preview the work, suggest changes and edits. Everything is recorded for all collaborators to see

  • Students can track revisions

  • Charts can be published privately, or publicly for others to view, comment and use

  • Available on-line on the web

Quizlet –

  • Designed as a study aid to help students prepare for quizzes and tests.

  • Create flash cards

  • Students can create a variety of quiz styles

  • Use the preexisting quizzes that are available with the service or create your own questions and answers

  • Available on-line on the web

Google Classroom –

  • Your school must have a Google apps for education account to use this feature

  • It is built around the idea of Google classroom being a mission control for teachers and students

  • Available on-line on the web

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