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The New ETC three part card containers are now available

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Box for containerizing Montessori materials for early childhood
Side view of the ETC 3 Part Card container. The acrylic lid slides out and may be entirely removed if the box is used for early childhood children.

Constructed at the Nienhuis factory in the Netherlands, from Russian birch plywood, and imported into the US, ETC has added yet another successful design in their line of containers intended to hold Montessori printed materials.

Designed so that it can serve both the early childhood and the elementary student, this container provides an easy and efficient way of containerizing your 3 part cards in a way that allows the cards to lay flat.

The container comes with three compartments that keep the labels and matching cards separate from the control chart, thus providing an easy sorting method for the children. The removable acrylic lid can slide off and set aside if you are using it for the Primary Level, or leave it on and keep the dust out. Either way, cards are easily held in place, and can be transported easi and securely. If you are storing cards in the containers, you can easily stack each container on top of each other, keeping everything organized and neat.

3 part card box for storing Montessori materials in the early childhood and elementary level
Top view of the ETC 3 Part card container. The box comes with a clear acrylic lid to protect the contents.

Aesthetically beautiful, the natural color of the Russian birch comes through, with a clear natural sealer, that makes the white cards with the attractive ETC board, stand out. Unllike other containers found in the marketplace, this container has been expertly designed to fit nicely on your shelf with a minimum footprint, without having any corners or sections sticking out. 

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