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The Multi-base Math Bead Frame

Part of the WDYS Explore and Inspire series (What Do You See)

Continuing in the tradition of building a mathematical mind, ETC Montessori now offers this bundle that makes use of the multi-base bead frame. The idea is to allow children to explore math in bases other than the base we are most commonly confronted with (base 10)

Working in alternate bases, allows for the development of flexible mathematical thinking, while at the same time strengthening a child’s understanding of operations, and mathematical concepts.

Comes complete with:

  • Multi Base Bead frame

  • Task Cards offering practice in a variety of operations

  • Teacher’s Notes

  • Answer key

  • How-to video links so that the teacher can observe how to do the presentations.


Ideal to use as a bridge of connecting math with ancient civilizations. This material would be a precursor to introducing math overviews of Babylonian, Mayan, Greek, and Roman civilizations.

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