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The Montessori 45 Layout Mat

For our WDYS (What Do You See) section we take a close look at a set of materials from ETC Montessori. We try to look at how it connects with other materials, and try to give you ideas of how to use things in your classroom to create a truly interconnected curriculum.

We leave words on the side of the road and let pictures do the "talking."

Item: EC-0312

The 45 Layout Mat, sometimes known as the "bird's eye view" or the "place value working mat", is designed for use on the floor. It is perfect for laying out the Large Number Cards and associating the golden bead values. The columns of each ‘place value’ are colored to match the Montessori Hierarchy Of Number.

Printed on our new pliable vinyl, the material does not require lamination and it is easily rolled up for convenient storage. 

Mat Size(s):

40 x 37 in. or 101.86x 94 cm.

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