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The ETC® Acrylic Hinge Box

For our WDYS (What Do You See) section we take a close look at a set of materials from ETC Montessori. We try to look at how it connects with other materials, and try to give you ideas of how to use things in your classroom to create a truly interconnected curriculum.

We leave words on the side of the road and let pictures do the "talking."

Item: ELCC-3884

This premium high quality acrylic box measures 2" W x 2" H x 4" D and has a hinged lid that helps contain everything securely. The hinge is made of stainless steel screws so there is no danger of rusting, or becoming loose. Designed to keep your shelf organized while offering a plethora of opportunities to keep a variety of small items in an orderly and accessible fashion. Early childhood guides will appreciate this box for keeping cotton balls, swabs and other small objects. Compact in size, they occupy very little space on your shelf yet store plenty of essentials. 


Manufactured in the USA Item does not contain any dangerous chemicalsMade entirely from high grade acrylic and not styreneEasy to clean and disinfectFlame polished edgesOur manufacturing process ensures consistent look and quality

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