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Navigating the NEW ETC Montessori webshop

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

In September of 2018, ETC announced that they would be moving to a more robust, easier to navigate online webshop. The move was completed in October of 2018. The new site, allows for a far easier user interface, where customers can track their orders, exchange messages with the sales people, get quotes, and pay with a variety of options. The result has been a streamlined experience where information, help, and purchasing can be completed with the push of a button.

Keep in mind that everything that was available in the old website is still present in the new one, just in a more intuitive place. In order to facilitate the transition, ETC Montessori has published a few quick video guides.

How to get the ETC Montessori Flow Charts:

It seems that the Montessori Flow Charts that everyone came to depend on, simply vanished. The truth is they are still available!

Not only can you find them under the "Resource" section of each product, but you can easily locate them by simply logging into your account. You can download each chart, open them in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and even print them.

Here's how to do it:


How to get the ETC Montessori Catalogs:

ETC Montessori officially stopped printing catalogs back in 2007. They were the first to offer their catalogs in electronic format. Although not everybody jumped onboard, today, the process has been completely revamped and centralized. The ETC catalogs are now available for iOS, MacOS, Android, Google Chromebook, and of course as a PDF file for any device including Windows.

What's so great about a digital catalog? Each option offers a fully interactive catalog that allows you to instantly connect with the webshop by simply clicking or tapping on an item. Once you have been directed to the fully responsive website, you can then view additional features, full item descriptions, and of course, ordering options such as language availability, finishing option and more.


How to get an instant online quote:

For those of us who work at a public Montessori school, we know all too well that before we can purchase anything, we have to obtain a quote from the company, then submit the quote to our purchasing office, so a PO may be issued, and then proceed with the purchase of the items.

To ease the tension, ETC has made the process easy, by providing instant official quotes that streamline your purchasing workflow, allowing district buyers to easily and quickly complete their paperwork. There are currently two ways of quickly and efficiently creating a quote:

  1. View the item and simply press the "Add to Quote" button. The item will then be entered into a running quote that is automatically created for you. Once you are done adding items to your quote simply press the "View Quote" at the top right hand side of the website. Enter your information and the official signed quote will be emailed to you.

  2. Alternatively, you may choose to enter the items you want in your cart. Proceed to view your cart and instead of checking out simply convert your cart to a quote by pressing the "Convert to Quote" button.

Once a quote is issued, you will receive an email that will contain your quote as a PDF document. However, if it stopped right there, it simply wouldn't be the ETC quality we have come to expect.

What makes ETC's quotes so much more efficient is that you no longer have to go back, remember what you wanted, and recreate your cart. Included at the bottom of your emailed PDF quote will be a quick link that once pressed, will automatically redirect you to your original cart. It's just that simple - all that's left is to simply checkout.


Paying for your order just got easier:

ETC Montessori now offers a variety of payment options to help with the process. Amazon Pay and Apple Pay (Apple Pay is available only when checking out using a Safari browser) will definitely speed up your checkout process since your bill to and ship to information is already registered with your Amazon or Apple ID accounts.

PayPal and a variety of credit cards are also available, as well as the option for paying using a PO or check. Just a quick note though, POs are only accepted by public school districts, registered charter schools, and pre-approved private schools that have a credit application completed with the ETC Montessori accounting department. If you are ordering Nienhuis materials and ETC Curriculum using a purchase order, please make sure you provide separate POs, one for the Nienhuis items, and one for the ETC materials.

All of the above features are common. The feature that stands out is the integration of PayPal Credit. You now have the ability to pay over time using installments and monthly payments. So, if you have been eyeing those ETC Classroom solutions but you don't want to hand over a whole bunch of money all at once, you still have the option of buying them and paying over time.


Obtaining online support:

This feature was present in the old webshop. However, ETC has taken it one step further by truly investing in the process. With over 8 customer service representatives at any given time, there is certainly no lack of support!

What is even more exciting is that each CS rep is actually Montessori trained. So the next time you click on the chat widget, know that without a doubt you are speaking with a fellow Montessori teacher.


Discover Featured Products:

Did you know that every week, ETC designates 3 items as "Featured Items". These featured items are listed immediately under the main page carousel, and are offered with a 10% discount? Although no one knows what those three items will be, it certainly makes it worthwhile to visit the site every Monday to find out what's up.


Find out about NEW releases:

If you keep scrolling past the featured items, you will find a brand new section that lists all New Products.

There is always something new to excite us. So, take a closer look at what's new and let yourself be surprised.

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