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ETC releases New Curriculum on Architecture with a STEM approach

On July 31, 2018, the United States Congress passed a bill that leads to the official recognition of architecture as a STEM subject.

With a thumb on the pulse of what is current, and the ability to bring relevant subjects and curriculum to the Montessori community, on January 1, 2019, ETC Montessori released an introductory set of materials that implements architecture as a STEM subject.

Author Background:

The lead writer for the curriculum is Derek Webb, with a long list of accomplishments, and the current president of the AIA branch in Houston, TX. He is also the recipient of the prestigious AIA Young Architect Award, principal at DEK Studio, and a leader in the community having been granted the honor of having designated April 14 as Derek Webb Day.

Curriculum Features:

ETC's uniquely integrated curriculum brings Geometry, Math, History, Technology, Art, and Science together. The curriculum is designed for levels 9-12 and begins by encouraging children to explore and develop an understanding of the foundational concepts relating to architecture. It then moves to actual designs, experimentation, and functionality. Activities that engage, make use of MakerSpace, along with a hands-on approach to implement NGSS standards, it brings an innovative way of implementing STEM through architecture, into the classroom.

Understanding architecture without taking a look at history only limits the concept of innovation, techniques, material use, and use of space. Therefore, a special section has been developed that allows students to move through time, where lessons are presented with an insight to architectural styles, unique approaches, and designs that elevate architecture as an art to a new level of perceptual adaptation. Here students are encouraged and given the chance and opportunities to focus on concrete foundational knowledge and build on ideas that go past a simple arch, or a bridge made out of popsicle sticks.

The set comes with an accompanying teacher's notes/manual which is carefully designed to give enough information and guidance so that teachers immediately feel comfortable presenting the fundamental concepts, and makes use of available technology.

Teachers purchasing this unit will also receive: Nomenclature Cards, Control Charts, Booklet, Experiment cards, Major Structures through History Cards, Concept Application cards, Major STEM Project, and of course the Teacher's Manual.



Architecture becomes a STEM Subject in the United States by Niall Patrick Walsh

View the bill signed into law on July 31, 2018


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