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ETC Montessori Strengthens Relationships with AMS Training Center in China

ETC Montessori has announced a new association with the Shanghai Montessori Education Academy in Shanghai China, an AMS affiliate center.

This association is one of several designed to help ETC’s presence and business opportunities in the Chinese/Asian market.

Picture of Erika Ohlhaver
Erika Ohlhaver, Vice President of Operations and Director of Curriculum for ETC Montessori

ETC’s Vice President of Operations, Erika Ohlhaver explained: “We are excited to be working closely with Dr. Nancy Chang, the Executive Director of the Teacher Education Center, and her team, to optimize our Montessori materials and their reach in AMS centers throughout China”.

“We have been consistently investing in the Chinese market to secure partners, meetings, and form cooperations that will provide quality materials and curriculum for the students and teachers there. Dr. Chang’s expertise, industry insights, and reputation for success will greatly benefit these efforts.”

Ohlhaver continued: “This union with the Shanghai Montessori Eduction Academy is another important step to gain first-hand business intelligence to help us better identify relevant Chinese industry platforms and forums to take our business development strategy to the next level.”

The close cooperation with The Center’s team will facilitate the translation process of ETC Montessori materials from English to Chinese. As China continues to offer great value, the cooperation will be successful in allowing for quality Montessori curriculum that meets standards to become available in this market.

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