ETC Montessori partners with Ascentium Capital

December 13, 2019. Today ETC Montessori is pleased to announce our partnership with the largest financing agency in the U.S. Ascentium Capital. Through this partnership ETC Montessori is now able to provide our customers a variety of benefits including:

  • Financing up to $1.5MM

  • Single-Page applications up to $250,000

  • Terms up to 84 months

  • Flexible payment options

  • Possible tax savings, and

  • Instant credit decisions

ETC Montessori knows that obtaining the materials, equipment, and professional development needed to bolster your school without restricting cash flow is a balancing act. To offer our customers the ideal solution, ETC Montessori has partnered with Ascentium Capital, the largest financing organization in the U.S to offer equipment lease and financing. It only takes seconds to apply and have access to affordable payments and potential tax advantages.

Ascentium business financing products and services are customized to match the unique business needs and goals that schools face. From new equipment leasing to financing your next full classroom solution, our people at ETC and Ascentium will work with you to create payment options that match your specific needs. For instance, full payments may be delayed until the materials you purchased begins generating revenue and payments may be stretched out for up to 84 months. With business financing, substantial cash outlays and depletion of bank credit lines may be avoided.

With Ascentium Capital financing, schools have access to funds for purchasing traditional Montessori materials, Montessori curriculum, full classroom solutions, Consulting,  Professional Development and more. To make things easy, we have completely streamlined the operation so that purchases over $1,000 qualify for financing. Decisions and money may be available within hours making the entire process incredibly easy and fast.