ETC Montessori names European EducationAll Group

On October 26, 2018, ETC Montessori entered into an agreement with the European EducationAll Group (EEG) into an exclusive distributor agreement. Located in Ningbo-Beilun China, EEG will act as the sole distributor of ETC Montessori materials in China and other Asia Pacific regions. The move is part of a continued effort to bring the ETC Montessori materials to customers in countries where up until now had been difficult to reach due to the high cost of shipping and other tariffs associated with shipping.

From left to right Jan De Jon CEO of EEG, Aki Margaritis, Executive Director of ETC, Erika Ohlhaver, Vice President and curriculum director of ETC
From left to right Jan De Jonge, CEO at EEG; Aki Margaritis, Executive Director at ETC; Erika Ohlhaver, Vice President of Operations, and Curriculum Director at ETC

About the Companies:


European EducationAll Group serves as a distribution platform for top European toy brands, supplying Kindergartens in Asia-Pacific. They provide high quality products which guarantee the requirements of being safe, ecological and educational. EEG represents some of the best well known brands in the Montessori market including Nienhuis, Educo, Beleduc, and TopTrikes.

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The mission of ETC Montessori is to provide a unique synergy of services that benefit the Montessori and Applied Learning educational community as well as bringing awareness of the Montessori method to the general public. The educational community includes professionals, educators, scholars, students, post-service educators, paraprofessionals, teacher's aides, and preservice teachers. ETC® provides Montessori resources that allow schools to better implement educational practices while further enhancing their current Montessori curriculum with up-to-date, accurately researched, and pedagogically sound materials that are based on the Montessori theory, while being supported by current brain research findings.

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