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ETC Montessori forms initial ties with AMI China

ETC Montessori with Dr. Chen, head of AMI China.

AMI China, the affiliate organization of AMI, has given initial approval for ETC Montessori to introduce its printed timelines and printed materials for use in the Chinese Montessori schools. EducationAll will be the exclusive distributor for ETC Montessori and will work closely with AMI China to provide the materials in both English and Chinese. In view of the high quality standards expected by AMI centers and AMI trained Montessori guides, ETC Montessori continues to place great importance in creating understanding, workshops and curriculum support materials for AMI China.

ETC Montessori, a premium brand of ETC, has close ties with leading Montessori trainers worldwide and plays an active role in the development of innovative Montessori support materials and educational workshops. AMI’s training centers and the organization itself, is recognized as a world leader in Montessori education. AMI’s strict guidelines and standards are employed and guide the process ETC Montessori uses of creating writing, designing, and manufacturing support materials that meet the excellence AMI guides have come to expect. The drive to incorporate the latest printing technology and techniques, together with properly researched and accuracy controlled materials continues throughout the global educational materials network.

The partnership is set to continue in the US and Europe where AMI plays a significant role in the training and education of Montessori guides.

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