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ETC Montessori enters into formal agreement with University of Houston at Clear Lake

Image of statues found at the entrance of the administration building of the University of Houston at Clear Lake
Administration Building at the University of Houston at Clear Lake

ETC Montessori has entered into a formal partnership agreement with the University of Houston at Clear Lake. Both entities have entered into this partnership through the signing of a formal contract. Under the agreement ETC Montessori will act as an approved center for UHCL students, and particularly those in the Center for Educational Programs (CEP) to complete their internship requirements in such fields as Instructional Design, Multimedia, Digital Design, e-learning, educational theory, and management.

Since its inception, ETC Montessori has implemented an extensive and detailed approach using instructional design in the creation and development of their Montessori curriculum. In its purest definition, instructional design is the union of education, psychology, and communication to create the most effective teaching plans for specific groups of students. The importance of such an approach is imperative when we look at providing Montessori students with appropriate instruction in a form that is effective and meaningful to them. A properly implemented instructional design approach helps children/students understand the topics and concepts that are presented. This approach has differentiated ETC Montessori curriculum from all other Montessori content publishers.

Instructional design is the creation of instructional materials. It takes into account not only the educational method of Montessori, but also carefully analyzes and considers how students learn, and what materials will most effectively help them achieve their academic goals.

Together, both entities see a tremendous benefit in this partnership and how it could benefit the educational market and community.

"As we continue to grow, and as Montessori continues to expand, both in the public as well as in the private sector, it is becoming imperative that we as publishers become responsible in not only what we offer to our students, but how we offer the concepts. This is particularly true for the elementary level. Once a student is in the elementary levels, their education goes beyond simple 3 part cards. We need to be able to provide them with pedagogically appropriately materials. Our design approach, is unique in that not only does it stay true to the Montessori method, but it also meets the 21st century requirements effectively." executive director, Aki Margaritis was quoted saying. "Through a well formulated instructional design approach, we analyze the learning environment, the requirements, and we provide a well thought out approach in how we go about designing and developing the materials that will affect the most change. From there we continue to analyze, refine our design and development approach, and finally use evaluative tools to ensure that our curriculum is achieving the results we seek." 

Curriculum design and publishing is dynamic. It is not something that can be commoditized. It's alive and it needs to stay current. "This partnership will allow for the continued development of innovative materials that many of our clients have come to expect from us." 

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