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ETC Montessori Digital, partners with Google Books

HOUSTON, TX. Today ETC Montessori Digital, a wholly owned subsidiary of ETC Montessori LLC, announces that it has partnered with Google to provide digital content for Montessori teachers. For the past two years ETC Montessori Digital (#ETCmontessoridigital) provided digital and interactive content through Apple's iBook Store. Prior to that time, ETC Montessori brought to the market METIS project, it's use of Augmented Reality was the first of its kind to be offered in the Montessori community. The technology behind METIS was later purchased by Apple Inc. Following today's announcement teachers, can begin to find content on Google Play Books. Currently becoming a Google publishing partner is by invitation only.

"We are extremely proud to be able to partner with Google Play and Google books to provide digital curriculum to our customers. We are NOT talking about apps in this case. What we are providing is ETC Montessori materials that are normally available as printed curricula, customers can now get the materials and view task cards, or activities directly on their Android and Chromebook devices.", a spokesperson for the company was quoted.

The director, Aki Margaritis, added that a large number of public Montessori schools, homeschooled children, and international customers, do make use of Chromebook, and Android devices. "Up until now, customers had only one option regarding ETC's digital curriculum. That was iOS devices from Apple Inc. Today, we are please to announce that users of the Chrome and Android OS will also have access to our digital content. We have been trying to meet the need for digital content that can be used and viewed on a Smart Board, or by individual students, and Montessori teachers, for the past four years", he added. "Technology in the Montessori classroom should be non-obtrusive, and it should never take the place of the materials, or the experiences that students get from using the materials and curricula. We will continue to provide our materials in both formats where appropriate."

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