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ETC Montessori Conquers the Digital Print space with next generation Ultra HD rendering Xerox Press.

Aki Margaritis, executive director, said that the addition of the new Xerox Versant 180P Digital press system will allow ETC Montessori to increase the available lineup of plastic materials, with a new thicker plastic being offered later this month. “Many of our customers are eager to get their hands on quality materials that are printed on plastic. They are far more durable that the traditional laminated options, do not suffer from the well documented set-backs that plague laminated materials, and are easy to clean, disinfect and maintain, in the long run.”

The company recently finished the installation of the new digital press system, which is capable of Ultra HD 2400 x 2400 imaging, contains a 10 bit pipeline to quickly transmit data, and features an inline X-Rite Spectrophotometer IQ along with an integrated color management system. It also features the brand new Fiery EX 180 Print Server with the full performance module.

The Versant 180P Press is designed to handle the increasing demand for materials printed on plastic in the Montessori community. The addition of the press makes ETC Montessori the second company in Houston to bring this advanced system online and the first publisher of Montessori curriculum to continue building on the popularity of materials printed on plastic.

“We wanted to satisfy the increasing demand from our customers for durable materials printed directly on plastic. This investment has allowed ETC Montessori to cost effectively offer materials printed on plastic that would normally only be price justified by larger volume work.”

Aki Margaritis, executive director, said the new addition is part of an ongoing six-figure investment program. “This is a step changing for our company,” he comments. “There is a new generation of teachers that are not only aware of the benefits our plastic material offers, but also happens to be very conscientious about the environment. Our plastic material is completely recyclable.”

ETC Montessori has long been at the edge of new technology. The company was the first to introduce recycled plastic paper for timelines back in 2003, which now is considered a standard in the Montessori community. Today, they continue this tradition by bringing offset quality print production to the plastic printing industry.

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