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ETC Montessori Announces Value Added Services for Full Classroom Solutions

Updated: May 6, 2018

Full classroom solutions means more than just your basic Montessori materials.

by Brian Wilson

Yesterday, ETC Montessori #etcmontessori, announced that their full classroom solutions, geared specifically for Montessori schools carry additional "value added services" that many school can now take advantage.

ETC Montessori, incorporated in 2003, and began offering full classroom solutions in the spring of 2010 to schools that were either beginning new schools or updating their Montessori classroom curriculum. Today they offer Montessori curriculum spanning the age groups of 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12.

Based on their recent announcement the following points should be of interest to Montessori schools looking to add new classrooms:

1. Curriculum Fullness

Today it has become common practice among several Montessori vendors to take a set of materials, divide the various components that make up the curriculum, and sell them off as individual pieces. ETC Montessori has bucked this trend, stating that they believe in the "fullness of the thought process". Students, and teachers should be able to have all components in hand when purchasing a full classroom solution to effectively conduct a presentation, or complete a project.

2. Teacher Support

At various times, ETC Montessori has stated that they implement a "Total Montessori" approach, both in their company culture, as well as their Montessori based curriculum.  That means that anybody that has anything to do with the curriculum they produce must be a certified Montessori teacher. Teacher support is provided by individuals who are not only Montessori trained but are also Montessori trainers. Teachers can receive one-on-one support, either by phone, or Skype.

3. A Heutink/Nienhuis partner

As of January of last year, ETC Montessori partnered with Nienhuis Montessori to offer the well known Nienhuis Montessori brand of materials. Today, ETC Montessori is one of two sources where Montessori schools in the U.S. are able to obtain the full line of Nienhuis materials, the second being the actual Nienhuis USA in California.

4. Warranty and FREE replacement of printed materials

ETC Montessori offers free replacement policy on damaged or lost printed materials. That means, if you purchased a complete classroom and you happen to misplace, or damage a card or two, just give them a call and they will help you replace those missing cards at no cost to you.

5. On-site Assistance

Schools that purchase 5 or more classrooms receive an on-site consultant for up to 5 days - number of days range from 3-5 depending on how many classrooms you have purchased - at no additional cost. Montessori teachers, especially new teachers can get hands on support in the organization and implementation of the curriculum and materials. With ETC Montessori being an approved Continuing Education Provider for many school districts throughout the United States, teachers can also receive CEU or professional development credits at the same time.

6. Update Assurance

Your purchase of a complete classroom solution comes automatically with a one (1) year of update assurance. For you, that means that any new product ETC Montessori releases, within one year from the date you purchased your classroom, you will receive that item FREE of charge. There is one stipulation, and that requires that the newly released product must be offered by ETC Montessori as part of a complete classroom one year following your original purchase.

7. Meet AMS, CCSS, and NGSS

Although AMS (American Montessori Society) does not provide a list of products that must be present in a classroom, it does publish a recommended list of items. You can find how ETC Montessori meets these AMS recommended standards in their full classroom solutions by visiting their website.

Recommended requirements for 6-9

Recommended requirements for 9-12

Furthermore, schools that purchase 5 or more classrooms receive a pacing guide to help teachers understand and implement the Montessori materials, curriculum, and standards in conjunction with the CCSS. As many states begin to implement the New Generation Science Standards, they have also begun the process of emphasizing the importance of having a deep understanding of science concepts, and engaging in scientific thinking. ETC Montessori's science curricula place an emphasis on an inquiry-based approach with an even greater emphasis placed on hands-on experiments rather than relying on only the traditional nomenclature and writing projects.

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