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ETC Montessori and Gulf Coast Montessori TEP release Montessori Manuals to the Public

Following the overwhelming requests for our Montessori training albums, ETC Montessori (#etcmontessori) in cooperation with Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Training Center (#gulfcoastmontessori) is making albums available to every trained Montessori teacher that has a credential from an approved MACTE Teacher Education Center. Up until now, our albums were available only through Montessori Training Centers. Beginning today all our albums for Early Childhood, Elementary I, and Elementary II will be available from our website.

The Montessori albums (#montessorialbums,#montessorimanuals) are available either as individual titles, or as complete bundles.

Who can purchase the Montessori albums and/or bundles.

Teacher Education Programs. We are passionate about Montessori, and our manuals are used by Teacher Education Programs that adhere to certain quality training standards set forth by MACTE, the governing body of Montessori training programs around the world. For this reason only MACTE approved Teacher Education Centers or training centers that belong to one of the affiliate organizations of MACTE may purchase these manuals. 

Universities and colleges that offer a degree in Montessori Education may purchase the manuals, provided the order is from the University's purchasing department.

School districts who have their own in-house training program and are working in cooperation with instructors who hold a valid credential from a MACTE approved training center.

Indivdiual Schools using a PO. A copy of each full time teacher's credential must accompany the PO for each requested bundle.

Individual teachers who wish to purchase these bundles must hold a valid credential from an approved MACTE Teacher Education Center. We will require verification of your credential prior to shipping the albums.

If you have received your Montessori credential from a training center that is not on the approved MACTE list of approved Teacher Education Centers, or is not a part of one of the affiliate organizations of MACTE, you will not be able to complete your purchase.

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