Developing a Mathematical Mind with the Sensorial Materials

An extended analysis of how Montessori early childhood sensorial materials aid in the development of a mathematical mind. Discover how the correct use of the materials leads children to develop a deeper understanding of patterns and concepts that lead to the application of mathematical skills.

Pictured in this video are the following materials that you can find on our online shop (

Geometric Cabinet. Item: 003700

Geometric Form Cards. Item: 003900

Pink Tower. Item: 002400

Bases for Pink Tower. Item: EC-0301

Brown Stairs. Item: 002550

Knobless Cylinders. Item: 002300

Patterns for Knobless Cylinders Kit I. Item: EC-0304A

Patterns for Knobless Cylinders Kit II. Item: EC-0304B

Knobless Cylinder Chart with Cards. Item: EC-0303

Pattern Work Mats. Item: EC-0481-1

Pattern Work Cards. Item: EC-0481-2