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Developing a Mathematical Mind with the Sensorial Materials

An extended analysis of how Montessori early childhood sensorial materials aid in the development of a mathematical mind. Discover how the correct use of the materials leads children to develop a deeper understanding of patterns and concepts that lead to the application of mathematical skills.

Pictured in this video are the following materials that you can find on our online shop (https://etcmontessorionline.com):

Geometric Cabinet. Item: 003700

Geometric Form Cards. Item: 003900

Pink Tower. Item: 002400

Bases for Pink Tower. Item: EC-0301

Brown Stairs. Item: 002550

Knobless Cylinders. Item: 002300

Patterns for Knobless Cylinders Kit I. Item: EC-0304A

Patterns for Knobless Cylinders Kit II. Item: EC-0304B

Knobless Cylinder Chart with Cards. Item: EC-0303

Pattern Work Mats. Item: EC-0481-1

Pattern Work Cards. Item: EC-0481-2