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Beth Bonnette joins ETC Montessori

HOUSTON — 8 Marth 2019 —ETC MONTESSORI, the leading Montessori publisher of curriculum and consulting services, today announced that Beth Bonnette has joined the company as a senior consultant. Ms. Bonnette joins LaDene Conroy and together they will be leading the implementation of consulting and workshop services with a direct focus on administration development, leadership support, and system development.

The announcement comes as ETC Montessori, ETC Consulting, and Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center continue to grow their presence in the U.S. region, bringing in new partners that will complement and add to the services currently being offered. The goal of the company is to continue its focus on expansion in the US through the implementation of direct consulting, workshops, and classes that follow state expectations and progressive discipline plans. To start, the focus will be administrators and how to best assist them in developing and implement a successful Montessori pedagogical environment and system, including the public and charter school setting.

Beth began her teaching career in the Houston Independent School District more than 30 years ago. She taught high school English for 15 years before becoming a Magnet Coordinator, Assistant Principal, and then Principal. As a teacher and a leader Beth has always believed that students should have ownership of their environment and their learning. In 2009 Beth was named Principal of Wilson Montessori, a public PK3 – 8th grade Montessori campus near downtown Houston. She knew that she had finally found her home and heart in the Montessori philosophy.

Beth earned her AMS Administrator Credential in 2010 from Houston Montessori Center. After working at Wilson Montessori, she knows that it is possible to have a rigorous and authentic Montessori program in in the public-school sector. Using Montessori philosophy as the lens for all decision making, Beth and her faculty have taken a struggling school and created a successful, thriving public Montessori program. She has presented at national, state, and local conferences to share what she has learned.

Beth retired in 2018 and currently works as a consultant and mentor for Montessori schools and Montessori administrators across the United States.

To arrange professional development, consultation, or a workshop with Ms. Bonnette please contact ETC Montessori toll free at 877.409.2929.

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