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A Complete Approach to Teaching Economics in Elementary I.

Updated: May 22, 2020

In an effort to help Elementary I teachers present a more comprehensive Economics program, ETC Montessori has begun making available a series of videos that show how to do the presentations. Through these videos, they are attempting to provide a clear picture of what needs to be presented. These videos are based on the Economics I materials (ELC-5021) an the Economic Geography Mat (ELC-5020)

MontessoriViews is making select videos available to the public so that they can get a better understanding of the concepts, presentations, aims, and outcomes of this program. For further questions please email ETC Montessori directly.

We will continue to update this entry with additional videos as they become available.

Teaching the Concept of: Goods Chain

Teaching the concept of: Needs and Wants

Teaching the Concept of: Goods and Services

Teaching the Concept of: Identification of Types of Resources

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