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About MontessoriViews 

Our Goal

Driven by innovation and how it may be beneficially used in the Montessori classroom, we integrate, and leverage the power of our brand, to bring teachers and students inspiration, creativity and new ideas on new curriculum, and activities that will allow them to function and meet the requirements set by the educational community of  the 21st century.​

Our Mission

MontessoriViews is an ETC® company. Our mission therefore folds in and is aligned with the greater mission of ETC® Montessori which is to provide a unique synergy of services that benefit the Montessori and Applied Learning educational community as well as bringing awareness of the Montessori method to the general public. The educational community includes professionals, educators, scholars, students, post-service educators, paraprofessionals, teacher's aides, and preservice teachers. ETC® provides Montessori resources that allow schools to better implement educational practices while further enhancing their current Montessori curriculum with up-to-date, accurately researched, and pedagogically sound materials that are based on the Montessori theory, while being supported by current brain research findings.

A young Montessori child exploring an image on a backdrop curtain
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